Naoko Dalla Valle
Founder and Proprietor

Originally from Kobe, Japan, where her ancestors were Sake makers, Naoko and her husband Gustav shared a vision to produce world-renown Grand cru wines. Since Gustav’s death in 1995, Naoko has continued to realize that vision as sole proprietor of the couple’s Oakville estate, assisted by a formidable team of hand-picked experts. Under her inspired direction, Dalla Valle Vineyards maintains the strictest of standards and continues to scale the heights of quality.

Andy Erickson

Andy has been instrumental in crafting some of Napa Valley’s very finest wines. As a fervent believer in terroir, his chief concern at Dalla Valle is to understand and maximize the unique qualities that allow this vineyard to produce truly special and authentic wines. He engages in every aspect of the process, from grape growing to bottling, working in tandem with Naoko and her team to maintain focus and strive for the pinnacle of quality.

Michel Rolland
Consulting Enologist

Highly regarded and widely influential in his native France and throughout the wine world, Michel brings his keen understanding of both the vineyard and the cellar, his gifts as a master blender and an intrinsic comprehension of terroir to winemaking at Dalla Valle Vineyards. He is on site at critical stages in the process: during harvest, for the creation of the master blend and to confirm the final blend, always working in close collaboration with Naoko.